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Search Funds (Ciclo de Iniciativa Emprendedora - Emprendiendo)

Place: Barcelona, IESE - Aula Magna North Campus (Arnús i Garí, 5)
Date: 11/18/2013
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Professor: Mathieu Carenzo

La iniciativa emprendedora fue uno de los pilares sobre los que se fundó el IESE. Desde sus inicios el IESE ha dado mucha importancia a los emprendedores ya que son la fuente del progreso dentro del mundo de la empresa. Este esfuerzo es especialmente relevante hoy en día.

Por esta razón la Agrupación de Alumni ha preparado un ciclo de Iniciativa Emprendedora donde todos los profesores del departamento contribuyen a acercar y animar a aquellos antiguos alumnos que estén contemplando una carrera como emprendedores o desarrollar el espíritu emprendedor dentro de la empresa.

El ciclo abarca varias temáticas y ofrece una perspectiva completa del esfuerzo emprendedor.

Coordinador del ciclo: Mathieu Carenzo, Colaborador Científico de Iniciativa Emprendedora, IESE


1ª sesión: Search Funds

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, identifying and developing a business idea for a start-up is a daunting and seemingly insurmountable task. Moreover, few are aware of the opportunity to begin an entrepreneurial career through an Entrepreneurial Acquisition (EA) - the process of purchasing an opportunity rather than inventing one.

A Search Fund is a vehicle enabling high potential and entrepreneurially minded individuals to locate, acquire, manage and grow privately held companies

The session will introduce participants to search funds and consist of a panel of experts (entrepreneurs and investors) in entrepreneurial acquisitions:

Simon Webster learned about the search fund model while studying at London Business School. Between 1995 and 2005 he grew business sales from £3.5m to £30m and in EBITDA from £0.4m to £2.4m. He successfully sold the business realizing an excellent return for investors in December 2005. Simon is now advising current MBA graduates who are raising search funds and is Chairman of the European Search Fund Association.

Sandro Mina, is a founding Partner of Sverica International and serves on several portfolio company boards both in the US and Europe. Sandro earned his engineering degree from Imperial College at the University of London and his MBA degree at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Rob Johnson is a IESE faculty member, a successful entrepreneur and a partner at Delta Partners. Rob introduced Simon Webster to the search fund model and became an investor and chairman of the acquired company. Rob has also invested in a number of search funds.

Moderator: Mathieu Carenzo, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship, IESE

- Please note that the session will be delivered in English with no simultaneous translation available
- In order to facilitate the registration process, we would appreciate it if you could bring your Membership card to the session



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