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Alumni Calendar

Upcoming Sessions
Buenos Aires7/30/2014 Combatiendo el proceso de comoditización y cómo afrontar una guerra de precios Continuous Education
Santiago de Chile8/5/2014 Macroeconomía Mundial Continuous Education
Buenos Aires8/13/2014 Macroeconomia Mundial Continuous Education
São Paulo, SP8/28/2014 ¿Qué diferencia una buena de una mala estrategia? Continuous Education
Warsaw9/4/2014 Global criminal networks and their impact on the global economy Continuous Education
Zurich9/6/2014 Summer Alumni BBQ of the Switzerland IESE Alumni Chapter Other Reunions
Barcelona9/15/2014 On the Challenges of Strategic Innovation and Organizational Evolution (Session with Prof. Michael Tushman, Harvard Business School) Continuous Education
London9/18/2014 Marketing Beliefs Continuous Education
Brussels9/22/2014 Rainforest Alliance: Protecting our planet, redesigning land-use and business practices and influencing consumer behaviour Continuous Education
Olloki10/6/2014 Sesión Especial sobre Innovación en Laboratorios Cinfa Continuous Education
Barcelona11/13/2014 ¿Dirigir pensando solo en valor económico? ¡Imposible, en las empresas hay personas! Continuous Education
Barcelona11/18/2014 Port de Barcelona: una infraestructura al servicio del país Continuous Education
London12/4/2014 Key macro issues to monitor in 2015 Continuous Education
London2/26/2015 Carerr Management Continuous Education
London6/18/2015 TBD Continuous Education

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