Welcome to IESE Alumni's personal career counseling service.

In this changing and uncertain business environment, it is essential that we manage current career and plan for the future. Considering that our job takes more than one third of our time and it is our source of revenue, it makes sense to spend time evaluating and planning our careers, as we would do with any business.

IESE Alumni offers you the opportunity to reflect on your current work situation, evaluate your management skills and competencies, draw a plan for the future, reflect on important decisions or strenghten your personal brand.

Our external Career advisors and Executive coaches have experience in executive search, Human resources or coaching and provide one hour personal sessions, either presential in one of the 13 cities listed below, or alternatively via Skype/phone elsewhere. 

Cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bilbao, Hong Kong, Lima, London, Madrid, Miami, Munich, non-New York city, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Vienna, Zaragoza, Zurich.

The first session is free and included in your Alumni membership fee (academic year goes from Sept.2018 to August 2019).

An optional second session is possible with a co-payment of 80,00? (tax incl.).



Advisors and Coaches can help you respond to the following questions:

  • What are the next steps in my career? What options do I have?

  • How can I learn about myself and where I want to go?

  • How can I achieve the change I need?

  • I need to make an important decision and need to reflect on it.

  • How can I understand my value and potentiate my personal brand?

  • How can I access the hidden market?

  • How can I manage a stressful situation?


In the request form you can ask for the counsellor that best fits your interests.  If not, we will automatically asign you with who we consider best fits the needs you specify in the request form.

More information about the advisors and coaches below.

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    • David Fillat

    • +12 years in STATUS EMA PARTNERS SPAIN - executive search and talent management services. Extensive experience in international executive search and recruitment. He has implemented a wide variety of talent management consulting services for corporate clients: Management Audits, Organizational Assessments and Career Management and Planning..

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Barcelona
      Sector experience: Industry, Finance & Banking, IT and Telecom, Services.

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    • Almudena Gallo

    • 25 years in HHRR of multinational companies: Pepsico, WM Mercer, CaixaBank and Criteria CaixaCorp..

      Languages: Spanish and English.
      Location: Barcelona
      Sector experience: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Not for Profits

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    Michel Welters

    GCP Ex. CEO and owner of the Preflex Group, Belgium

    I strongly believe that top business schools are meant to support executives all along their career. The career counseling program offered to the IESE Alumni fits perfectly this purpose. After a very busy life as a CEO, owner and entrepreneur, I decided recently to take a break not only to reflect on my own career but also to project myself into the future. Almudena, my coach, was able to catch very quickly my concerns and expectations. In the last months, she has helped me to open my eyes to new opportunities thanks to her ?out of the box? approach. We managed to make great progress within a very limited number of sessions.

    • Elena García Pont

    • 17 years in HR Consulting. Coordinator of the 3Day Startup, an event for entrepreneurs.

      Languages: Spanish
      Location: Barcelona and Valencia
      Sector experience: Professional Consulting, Entrepreneurship

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    Àlex Galdeano


    From the beginning of the meeting, Elena demonstrated that she was an excelent professional, good observer of needs and empathic in understanding my personal and professional situation. I thank IESE for this service and its coaches for the wonderful support.

    • Alan McFarlane

    • Long experience as Senior HR Director recruiting and developing senior executives to and within Diageo plc.
      Also, HR Business Partner to both Diageo's Group Controller and their Group Treasurer, as well as Change Director for Latin America sitting on Regional Exec, including on-going experience living and working in Brazil. Specialist in defining client's Core Brand Essence and framing impactful, authentic and persuasive elevator speeches and preparing people for assessment centers and interviews.
      Extensive executive coaching as well as leading and creating peer advisory groups.

      Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
      Location: Barcelona and frequently in Cairo
      Sector experience: FMCG, Pharma, Banking, Industry

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    Sergi Pallarès

    PDG '14

    I met Alan at the end of my PDG, he guided me in the transition to the new professional challenges I had defined for myself. Alan created the adequate atmosphere to work on my objectives, guiding me in the process and leading to accomplishing results in the expected timeline.

    • Iñaki Saltor

    • 17 years working in the executive search industry. 4 years in Brazil, searching for talent in LATAM.
      Human Resources Director in a division of a steel sector multinational company.

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Barcelona, frequently in Sao Paulo
      Sector experience: Automotive, Iron&Steel, Retail, IT, Services, FMCG

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    Jordi Fabregat

    EMBA 2012

    La reunión con Iñaki fue de gran interés, puesto que mi situación no era la de buscar un cambio de empresa, si no compartir con un profesional cómo afrontar una serie de retos internos y dar continuidad y crecimiento a mi trayectoria en la empresa. Como resultado me encontré con un advisor que mostró empatía, compartió conmigo sus situaciones vividas y me dio - desde la experiencia-, consejos para afrontar los siguientes meses. La sesión de advising fluyó -a mi entender- de tal modo, que me sentí muy arropado, con lo que, no sólo la profesional, sino la parte humana del encuentro fue excepcional.

    • Eduardo Salvador

    • President of Futureway (www.funcacionfutureway.org) and Founding partner and president of Solid Integration, S.L. Foundation,(www.rdisolid.com), vice president of Asociacion Interim Management España (AIME) and vocal of Asociación para la Búsqueda de la Excelencia (ABE). Professional background in different executive positions: COE of Autotex (Milliken) and Technical-Commercial Director of Tybor (Treves).

      Languages: Spanish, French and English
      Location: Barcelona, frequently in Madrid
      Sectors: Chemical, automobile, infrastructure, telecommunications, textile automation, industrial, services, health, corporate finance and corporate development.



    • Teresa Van-Oorschot

    • 10 years? Consultant at Abantia, Mazars and the IBV Corporation.
      Member of Damm Corporate Committee responsible for the management and processes systems.
      Recently founded WIN WhatIsnext, a consulting and coaching service, and Mundo Cronopio, an online publisher.

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Barcelona

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    Santiago Ramón-Llin Montoro


    La sesión con Teresa me ayudó a reflexionar y tener seguridad en mi mismo sobre la decisión adoptada y la forma de ejecutarla. Su experiencia en muchos otros casos y las cuestiones que me planteaba me hicieron responderme a mi mismo sobre algunos temas evidentes. Llevaba 11 años en una empresa y tenía cierto respeto a lanzarme en mi nuevo proyecto; el cual por cierto está siendo un éxito. Sin duda la decisión más acertada. Gracias por ayudarme a ello.

Madrid, Spain

    • Monika Borgers

    • Partner at Ellis & Partners Executive Search
      10+ years in Executive Development.

      Languages: English, German and Spanish
      Location: Madrid
      Sector experience: Retail and Distribution, Professional Services and Life Sciences.

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    • Myriam Camps

    • HR Management multinational background: Hay Selección (Hay Group), Sun Microsystems, GlaxoSmithKline. Business Consulting in: Talent Management & Development; Recruitment and Head Hunting; Professional Career Assessment..

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Madrid
      Sector experience: Pharmaceutical, Banking, FMCG, TIC, Industrial, Distribution, Real-Estate, Retail.


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    • Carlos Cifuentes

    • Senior Executive at Finanzauto /Caterpillar and Grupo Banca López-Quesada. Board Member of the Acheron Partners. Director and Founder of International head hunting and outplacement companies.

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Madrid
      Sector experience: Industry, Banking, Professional Consulting

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    Jorge Requena Lavergne

    PDD 1991

    My experience with Carlos Cifuentes has been very positive. This service offered by IESE is powerful and of great help to alumni, a differentiating factor from other schools in Spain and Europe. Carlos is like a mentor that generates a calm and positive attitude. Analizing my possible opportunities has been the best part of my experience. I am delighted.

    • Pilar García de Viedma

    • 25+ years? managerial experience. Entrepreneur in IT sector (Integrasys SA) and Marketing agency (Ethnical Consultants). Former CEO, Member of the Board of Directors, VP Business Development, Marketing & Sales Manager for American Express.
      Product Manager at Barclays..

      Languages: Spanish and English
      Location: Madrid

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    Pilar is one of the persons that has had the greatest impact in the way I feel about my self-confidence, in idenfiying the limitations that I have set to myself during my career and in learning to modify them so they can become a support and not a limitation for the future.

    • Marta Gil-Casares

    • RRHH Manager at KPMG. Founder of a Headhunting and Talent firm.

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Madrid
      Sectors experience: Professional Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Digitalization, Change management.

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    Pedro García

    EMBA '10

    This session has helped me be aware of the importance of taking the initiative with regards to my career development, designing an action plan instead of letting it develop spontaneously.

    • Oscar Maril

    • Corporate Human Resources at GM, CITIBANK (Latam, southern Europe and Pacific Rim). Member of Executive Committee of the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia. Since 2005 Consultant and independent Coach, partner of Praesta International (Headhunting)

      Languages: Spanish and English

      Location: Madrid, Santiago de Chile

      Sector experience: Auto, Banking, Professional Consulting


    • Mas info

Northern Spain

    • Mariano Vilallonga

    • Pioneer in the world of coaching in Spain. Consultant and coach to senior management for more than one hundred managers a year in many national and multinational companies. Author of 8 books on "executive coaching".

      Language: Spanish
      Location: Zaragoza, Bilbao and Pamplona

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    María de Mar Bernal Conde

    PDD '11

    Tras llegar a una buena posición laboral como Directora de Operaciones de ABB Zaragoza y junto con una trayectoria profesional por detrás gratificante?, notaba que el reconocimiento y el desarrollar esta posición ?no me hacía sonreír? ? ¿Por qué? No lo tenía claro, por eso acudí a Alumni del IESE, para que me ayudaran a redefinir mi trayectoria profesional. Con el apoyo de la plataforma, y de mi asesor del IESE, he tomado decisiones importantes que me han permitido dar un giro radical a mi trayectoria, y tengo la convicción de que estoy encaminada a lograr mi situación laboral ideal (SLI)?, vuelvo a estar comprometida y determinada para dar lo mejor de mí.

International Locations

    • Alfonso Arias

    • Director of HR at Técnicas Reunidas Malaysia, subsidiary of the Spanish multinational engineering and construction company in the oil and gas sector.
      HR management at Abengoa Group. International experience(India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, Middle East). Korn Ferry Consultant
      Languages: Spanish and English
      Location: Kuala Lumpur (Malasia)
      Sector experience: Engineering and construction, RRH consulting, Career Management in industrial project


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    • Oscar Boronat

    • CEO at Pilkington BP (UK) Latam and Europe (1995-2004). Experienced Independent Board Member of international and family owned organizations. Since 2004 International Leadership Coach and Expert in Corporate Governance (Boronat - Leadership and Governance). Certified Board Member by the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute (IBGC) and Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors (MSID).
      Portuguese, English and Spanish
      São Paulo, Brazil
      Auto, Banking, Agribusiness, Chemicals, Services, Construction, Telecom, Food, Energy, Retailing, Education and Private Equity.


    • Anjaney Borwankar

    • 20+ years of work experience in different multinational and start-up companies, like A.P. Moller, McKinsey & Company, Catenon Executive Search and IESE Business School. Co-Founder of Bembi Restaurant Group, Spain and Adopt-A-Business (now called Emerging World), UK

      Languages: English, Spanish, Marathi, Hindi y Bengali
      Location: Singapore, ASEAN countries, India, Barcelona
      Sector experience: Start-ups, Technology, Consulting, Social Enterprises, Shipping


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    • Milton Leung

    • Milton has 20 years of managerial experience in various roles in the financial sector in companies like Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and BNP Paribas.  He is a certified coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coaching. He is an Associate Faculty and Coach of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and a facilitator of training programs for international clients.

      Languages:  Mandarin (Putonghua), Cantonese, English
      Location:  Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)
      Sectors:  Automotive, Banking, Family Business, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and Chemicals

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    • Robert Marino

    • 30 + years experience in leadership & team development; executive coaching. 25 years at JPMorgan, Vice President, Director Leadership Development. Focus: talent development, strategically driven change, high performance teams. 15 years independent coaching firm with practice specialties: developing emerging leaders, leading sustainable change, building effective team work, career transitions.

      Language: English

      Location: non-New York city

      Sectors experience: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Entrepreneurial, Small Business, Not for profits

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    Cristoph Golembiewski


    Bob?s career counseling session was extremely valuable to me for preparing a plan on how to achieve my goals. After listening to my goals and aspirations at this point in my career, Bob presented several options that were available to me and offered advice on how to accomplish this. His vast experience and extensive network were helpful in identifying realistic opportunities and providing a strategy on how to approach these firms.

    • Lars Maydell

    • 20+ years of experience coaching and advising C-suite, senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners in Career development, Business Coaching and Talent Assessment. Previously worked in Executive Search for Egon Zehnder and Strategy consultant at Arthur D. Little.

      Languages: English and German

      Location: Munich, Vienna and Zurich

      Sector experience: Professional Consulting, general management.

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    • María José Monti

    • 22 years of experience in management, business development, marketing, leadership & career coaching in USA & Latin America, Singapore & Spain. Certified Leadership & Career Coach by ICF.

      Languages: Spanish and English
      Location: Miami and frequently in Buenos Aires
      Sector experience: Banking, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultancy.

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    • Joanna Moss

    • Goldmann Sachs, INFOINVEST. Investment Banking at BBVA.
      Recruiting Director for senior executives at Brunswick Group LLP.

      Languages: English, French and Spanish
      Location: London and frequently in Paris
      Sector experience: Banking, PR, Communications, Investing

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    Pilar Baltar

    GEMBA '07

    You know that a counselling session went successfully, whent it has provided you with relevant knowledge. In my case: the objective evaluation of my career until today, the advice previous to a career change and good reflections on my career path. This service is of high value added and I have recommended it to other alumni with high marks..

    • Diego Pérez Beneitez

    • Executive Vice President, Head of Talent & Organization at Grupo Romero Corporate Center (Excellia- Romero Group) since 2015.
      Previously Managing Partner, Andean Region at Odgers Berndtson (2012-2015) and Principal at Heidrick & Struggles (2003-2012). Member of Advisory Committee at PAD Business School in Lima. IESE PDD Alumni.

      Languages: English and Spanish
      Location: Lima
      Sector experience: Family Business, FMCG, Retail, Agricultural, Infrastructure, Oil&Gas, Private Equity

    • Sandra van der Maarel

    • +20 years experience in guiding individuals, teams and organizations in profound change processes and leadership development as a coach and change consultant. Owner PureChange, Former: KPMG Change Management Group, Flower Auction Aalsmeer, Reed-Elsevier.

      Languages: Dutch and English
      Location: Amsterdam and Breda
      Sector experience: Professional consulting, industry, health care, education, professional service and public service.



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