International Economic Overview

Economic Overview

"Economic Overview" analyzes the macroeconomic indicators in an easy, accessible way for Association members. It’s edited monthly by a team of IESE professors, and enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its relevance and usefulness.

  • March 2017

    Where Are You Headed, Europe?, by Prof. Javier Díaz Giménez

    The Fear of Inflation and the "Maradona Effect", by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    The Illusion of industrialization, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

  • February 2017

    The Ills of European Banks, by Prof. Xavier Vives

    Complex Problems and Simple Solutions, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

    Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, a Combination Thereof, Just One…or None at All, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

  • January 2017

    The Economy in 2017: Slightly Better but More Volatile, by Prof. Núria Mas

    Global Imbalances, Ownership and Power, by Prof. José Azar

    Is There Life After Adam Smith?, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

  • December 2016

    Better Than Ever (As Strange As That Seems), by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    Trumponomics, by Prof. Núria Mas

    The Rise of Populist Movements, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

  • November 2016

    China Is Different – Or Is It?, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

    Is the Spanish Economy Slowing Down?, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    Everybody Wants Progress But Nobody Wants Change, by Prof. Pedro Videla

  • October 2016

    Are Banks in Decline?, by Prof. Xavier Vives

    The Rise of Mutual Funds: An Antitrust Blind Spot, by Prof. José Azar

    The Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

  • July 2016

    Brexit Aftershocks: What Comes Next for the UK and EU?, by Prof. Núria Mas

    In the Wake of Brexit: Is T-TIP Europe’s Last Chance?, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    The Pros and Cons of Debt, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

  • June 2016

    Brexit: It’s Not About the Economy, by Prof. Pedro Videla

    Spanish Pensions on the Brink, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    The Mammoth in the Room, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

  • May 2016

    The Renmimbi: Trouble on the Horizon, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

    A Rundown of Spain’s Current Economic Outlook, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Plan, by Prof. Morten Olsen and Innessa Marie Colaiacovo

  • April 2016

    Negative Interest Rates: Reflections of a Perplexed Observer, by Prof. Juan José Toribio
    Reforms in Spain, by Prof. Xavier Vives
    Mushrooms vs. Yeast, by Prof. Pedro Videla
  • March 2016

    The Free Money Helicopter is Here!, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

    Crisis? What Crisis?, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    European Turmoil, by Prof. Núria Mas

  • February 2016

    Economics and Politics in 2016, by Prof. Xavier Vives

    The Dog and Its Tail, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    A Brief Look at the Oil Market, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

  • January 2016

    2016: The Global Panorama and Risks on the Horizon, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    Human action, but not human design, by Prof. Pedro Videla

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership in a New Era of International Trade, by Prof. Morten Olsen and
    Innessa Colaiacovo

  • December 2015

    Unemployment, Salaries, Labor Market and Other Concerns, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

    Does the Euro Deindustrialize the Periphery?, by Prof. Xavier Vives

    According to GDP, The People’s Party Will Not Win, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

  • November 2015

    Milton Friedman's Thermostat, by Prof. Pedro Videla

    Microfinance 3.0: Opportunities and Challenges, by Prof. Morten Olsen and Giuliano J. Bandeen

    Do Institutional Investors Decrease Competitiveness?, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

  • October 2015

    A Poisoned Legacy?, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    Is China Leading the World Into a Crisis?, by Prof. Núria Mas

    Immigration: Risk or Opportunity, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

  • July 2015

    At the edge of the Abyss – Again!, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    Inequality, by Prof. Xavier Vives

    Mobile Internet: The New Star of Africa?, by Prof. Morten Olsen and Giuliano Joshua Bandeen

  • June 2015

    The Oft-Ignored Keys to Combating Poverty, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    A Nowcast of the Spanish GDP: Formal Jobs Are All You Need, by Prof. Rolf Campos and Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

  • May 2015

    Aftereffects of the ECB’s Quantitative Easing, by Prof. Núria Mas

    Latin America: The Manna Has Run Out, by Prof. Pedro Videla

    Inaccurate Election Polls and What to Do About Them, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

  • April 2015

    Greece: A Repeated Game?, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    Can Interest Rates Be Negative?, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

    What’s the Point of a European Energy Union?, by Prof. Xavier Vives

  • March 2015

    The Spanish Economy’s Recovery, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    What Does the Recent US Employment Boom Tell Us About Monetary Policy?, by Prof. Rolf Campos

    The Greek Problem, by Prof. Pedro Videla

  • February 2015

    Apart from Printing Money, What Else Can We Do?, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    The Swiss Turmoil, by Prof. Núria Mas

    A Point in Favor of Less Efficient Prices, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

  • January 2015

    Expectations for Europe in 2015, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

    Is There No Alternative?, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    This is the Time for Giving, by Prof. Morten Olsen

  • December 2014

    The Controversial Reform of Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution, by Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez

    Some Basic Economics for the Crisis, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    Energy and Climate Change, by Prof. Xavier Vives

  • November 2014

    What’s Up with Credit?, by Prof. Juan José Toribio

    How Sustainable is the Rebound of Domestic Demand in Spain?, by Prof. Rolf Campos

    Is Online Content Manipulation Always Bad?, by Prof. Manuel Mueller-Frank

  • October 2014

    “Draghinomics”, by Prof. Núria Mas

    From Rags to Riches: Does Your Parent’s Income Determine Your Future?, by Prof. Morten Olsen and Ria Ivandic

    Swimming in the Ocean of Unconscious Cooperation, by Prof. Pedro Videla

  • July 2014

    A “New” Monetary Policy, by Prof. Antonio Argandoña

    A Fresh Look at Financial Crises, by Prof. Alfredo Pastor

    Is Competition in Banking Good for Society?, by Prof. Xavier Vives