IESE Entrepreneurship Platform

IESE Business School was created by and for entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship has always occupied a key position in its curriculum. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, the Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship, FINAVES, and the Business Angel network in Barcelona and Madrid organize training, research and networking activities for each phase of the entrepreneurial project.

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  • The entrepreneur

    Discover more about the entrepreneurial process and review your competences to successfully address this challenge.

  • The opportunity

    From Idea to Project. First part of the process accompanying the entrepreneur to validate the business idea and turn it into a real project.

  • The launch

    First phase of a startup project. At the end of this process, the business plan should be clear.

  • The growth

    As the entrepreneur, you must generate alternatives when a project is consolidated, depending on your business model: Grow? Sell? Allow other partners to join?

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