Open Innovation

Building and scaling your corporate venturing unit

Open Innovation

03/May/2018 from 19:00 a 20:30

Barcelona, IESE Auditorium South Campus (Av. Pearson 21)

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Enjoy a panel discussion with large firms' innovation directors who will share their perspectives on creating and growing their corporate venturing units: challenges, opportunities and best practices. The list of attending companies includes BBVA, Enel, Bayer, SEAT, LG, Airbus, Opinno, Roche, Pirelli, BP and more.

Emerging at a high speed, these units offer a collaborative framework to innovate with startups through scouting missions, incubators, accelerators, corporate VCs, hackathons, venture clients, to name a few.

The attendees will also receive access to the new study, conducted by Prof. Mª Julia Prats, on the topic. The conference will end with a networking cocktail.


19.00 Opening
Releasing the new study on Open Innovation: main results
Prof. Mª Julia Prats, IESE head of the entrepreneurship dpt.
Tommaso Canonici, Opinno Europe managing director

19.15 Panel discussion: Building
Francisco Requena, SEAT head of innovation and smart factory
Xavier Capellades, Roche global head of ideation
Luca Demarchi, Pirelli head of ICT sales and mkt.
Ignacio Giménez, BP Ventures principal
Xavi Contijoch, Opinno director
Moderator: Prof. Antonio Dávila, IESE

19.50 Panel discussion: Scaling
Marisol Menéndez, BBVA head of open innovation
Antonio Vázquez, LG director of innovation
Fernando Sandoval, Enel manager of innovation hub
José Insenser, Airbus manager of innovation
Roberto Martin, Bayer head of innovation
Moderator: Prof. Mª Julia Prats, IESE

20.30 Networking cocktail

More details in the agenda: HERE



  • Julia-Prats-PA.jpg

    Holder, Fundación Bertrán Chair of Entrepreneurship / Head of Department, Entrepreneurship

    Mª Julia Prats is Professor and head of department of Entrepreneurship, and holder of the Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship at IESE.<BR> <BR>Prof. Prats's primary area of interest is the entrepreneurial process, which includes the identification, evaluation and implementation of opportunities in any context. Central to this work is developing strategies and systems that help established firms achieve profitable growth. Her second work stream focuses on understanding the key factors in building and managing professional service firms. Over the years she has had the opportunity to develop both areas of interest through teaching, research projects and consulting work. <BR> <BR>Prof. Prats was nominated Kauffman Emerging Scholar for her dissertation work and has published in international journals and congress proceedings, both for practitioners as well as the academic community. She has also authored teaching materials and contributions to several books on entrepreneurship and strategy related topics. <BR> <BR>She holds a DBA in business administration from Harvard University, an MBA from IESE Business School, and a degree in industrial engineering from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. She has taught at Wharton Business School, IPADE (México), INALDE (Colombia), and AESE (Portugal).
  • Antonio-Dávila-PA.jpg

    Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Control
    Holder of the Seat Chair of Innovation and the Alcatel-Lucent Chair of Management of Technology.

    Antonio Dávila is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Control, and holder of the Seat Chair of Innovation and the Alcatel-Lucent Chair of Management of Technology. From 1999 to 2006, he was part of the faculty at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where he still teaches periodically.

    Prof. Dávila earned his Ph.D. from Harvard Business School and his MBA from IESE. His teaching and research interests focus on management systems in entrepreneurial firms, new product development and innovation management, and performance measurement.

    In 2005, he was awarded IESE's Research Excellence Award. He was also granted the Ramón y Cajal Scholarship awarded by the Spanish government (2004). Other prizes and awards he has received include the Carlos Cubillo Valverde Accounting Research Paper Award (2003), the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association Best Dissertation Runner-Up Award (1999) and the McKinsey Best Paper Award from the Strategic Management Society (1998). 

    Prof. Dávila is co-author of Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It (2006) and Performance Measurement and Management Control Systems to Implement Strategy (2000). He has also edited a third book, The Creative Enterprise (2007). He has contributed several book chapters and published various research articles in academic journals including The Accounting Review, Accounting Organizations and Society, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Research Policy, and Harvard Business Review.

    Prof. Dávila is a prolific author of cases. He has developed teaching cases with companies such as Checkpoint, Logitech, Siebel Systems, CitiBank and Prof. Dávila has been invited to give presentations on accounting and control systems at, among others, the AAA Management Accounting Section Meeting, the Management Accounting Conference, the Strategic Management Society Meeting, and the European Accounting Meeting.

    He is a member of the editorial boards of Accounting, Organizations and Society, The Journal of Management Accounting Research and Advances in Management Accounting