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Executive Coaching





Welcome to IESE Alumni´s personal career coaching service,

In this changing and uncertain business environment, it is essential that we manage our current career and plan for the future.  Considering that our job takes more than one third of our time and it is our source of revenue, it can only make sense to spend time evaluating and planning our careers, as we would do with any business.
Certified coaches with a vast experience on accompanying top executives, will ask questions in order to help you gain perspective, reflect and decide how to maximize your professional results and optimize your professional career.

Our external executive coaches provide one hour personal sessions, either presential in one of the 10 cities listed below, or alternatively via Skype/phone elsewhere.
Cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, London, Madrid, Munich, Miami, New York, Vienna, Zaragoza, Zurich.

The first session is included in your Alumni membership fee.

This academic year (Sept.2017 to August 2018) IESE Alumni Association offers the option to request a second session with a co-payment of 75€.
To request the 2nd session, please send an email to Bettina Semmel attaching the payment receipt.

The coach could help you:

  •     Design a vision and develop your potential as executive

  •     Further develop key competencies such as leadership, team management, communication or decision-making skills

  •     Balance between your personal and professional life

If you are asking yourself the following questions, request a coaching session:

Do you need to reflect on an important decision?
Do you need to gain new perspectives and raise your self-awareness?
Do you need to move out of your comfort zone to move towards a desired situation? 


    • Pilar García de Viedma

      Entrepreneurial enterprise software technology (Integrasys SA) and Marketing agency (Ethnical Consultants).

      CEO, Member of the Board of Directors, VP Business Development, Marketing & Sales Manager for American Express.

      Product Manager at Barclays.

      25+ years’ managerial experience.

    • Languages

      Spanish and English

    • Location


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    Pilar is one of the persons that has had the greatest impact in the way I feel about my self-confidence, in idenfiying the limitations that I have set to myself during my career and in learning to modify them so they can become a support and not a limitation for the future..

    • Lars Maydell

      8+ years’ EGON ZEHNDER- executive search and board consulting.

      20+ years’ experience Career Mentoring, Business Coaching and Talent Assessment with senior executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior partners.

      Consultant at Arthur D. Little.

    • Languages

      German and English

    • German and English

      Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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    Benedikt König

    MBA 1995

    General Manager Material Management- WÄRTSILÄ SCHWEIZ AG

    Mr. Maydell has analyzed me in a very professional manner. He combined professional career with personal characteristics. His advise was very valuable and the meeting a real inspiration. Many thanks for the interview and also to IESE. Probably the most valuable support from the association I ever received.

    • Alan McFarlane

      15 years as director at Diageo.

      19 years’ experience including 4 years as an independent consultant.

    • 19 years’ experience including 4 years as an independent consultant

      English, Portuguese and Spanish

    • Location

      Barcelona and São Paulo

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    Sergi Pallarès

    PDG '14


    Coincidí con Alan al terminar el PDG y me ayudó a orientar mi transición profesional de acuerdo con los nuevos retos que me había definido. Alan creó la atmósfera adecuada para trabajar a fondo los objetivos, guiándome durante todo el proceso y consiguiendo los resultados dentro del calendario previsto.

    • Teresa Van-Oorschot

      10 years’ Consultant at Abantia, Mazars and the IBV Corporation.

      Member of Damm Corporate Committee responsible for the management and processes systems.

      Recently founded WIN WhatIsnext, a consulting and coaching service, and Mundo Cronopio, an online publisher.

    • Languages

      English and Spanish

    • Location


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    Santiago Ramón-Llin Montoro


    Empresa: Vacation Marbella, Cargo: Socio

    La sesión con Teresa me ayudó a reflexionar y tener seguridad en mi mismo sobre la decisión adoptada y la forma de ejecutarla. Su experiencia en muchos otros casos y las cuestiones que me planteaba me hicieron responderme a mi mismo sobre algunos temas evidentes. Llevaba 11 años en una empresa y tenía cierto respeto a lanzarme en mi nuevo proyecto; el cual por cierto está siendo un éxito. Sin duda la decisión más acertada. Gracias por ayudarme a ello.

    • Mariano Vilallonga

      Pioneer in the world of coaching in Spain.

      Consultant and coach to senior management for more than one hundred managers a year in many national and multinational companies.

      Author of 8 books on "executive coaching".

    • Languages


    • Location

      Zaragoza, Bilbao, Pamplona

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    María de Mar Bernal Conde,

    After reaching a good position in a multinational company and accumulating a gratifying experience, I felt that the recognition and the position no longer ´made me smile.¨ Why? I was not sure, so I called IESE to help me redefine my career plan.
    My IESE advisor helped me take the decision of radically changing careers and have the conviction that I am in the right path to reach my ideal professional situation.  I am once again committed and determined to be at my best again.