Governance Board

Executive Committee

The Association reflects the interest and participation of each member. The Governing Board and the Executive Committee represent and lead this collective effort, as set out in the statutes of the Association.

The Governing Board sets the guidelines for governing the Association and elects its president. It meets at least once a year, usually coinciding with the Global Alumni Reunion. All Alumni are represented on the Board by one delegate from each class of the core IESE programs. The Board also includes all members of the Executive Committee and a delegate from each Regional Chapter.

The Committee is the executive body of the Association. Their work is organized into seminars encompassing all areas of their activity. The committee is also responsible for approving budgets and submitting the annual accounts to the Governing Board. The members of the Executive Committee are:


Alejandro Beltrán de Miguel

MBA '98
McKinsey & Company

As IESE graduates, the Alumni Association serves as a vital link to nurture and strengthen our connections with the school, and perhaps more importantly, to fulfill the long-term objectives that we share.

IESE Business School offers the global management community a unique platform for lifelong learning opportunities that are firmly rooted in academic excellence and human and social values. Without a doubt, these values are more critical today than when they were first articulated, 50 years ago. Our overarching mission ? which we support with enthusiasm, conviction and a deep sense of responsibility ? reflects an ambitious effort to improve ourselves, the school and society as a whole.

The Alumni Association actively pursues these objectives through a variety of learning and networking opportunities that allow Association members and the global alumni community to strengthen our common ties.

The Association relies on the unwavering support of IESE and its faculty members, who are willingly available to guide us with their invaluable knowledge, research and advice. As alumni, we respond in kind by supporting the school?s various projects and activities around the world and acting as true IESE ambassadors wherever we go.

My sincere thanks to all Alumni Association members for their staunch support and active participation in this exciting endeavor. As you navigate these pages, I invite you to learn more about the host of activities and services offered by the Alumni Association, which remains steadfast in its commitment to the school?s mission and alumni.

Vice presidents

Cristina de Parias PA
Cristina de Parias MBA '91
BBVA España
Joan Molins PDG '71
Cementos Molins


Jaume Armengou PDG `05
IESE Business School
Simón Pedro Barceló SEP JSF Travel & Tourism Indst
Grupo Barceló
Georg von BoeselagerAMP-Munich-08
Paco Ybarra MBA '87
Núria Cabutí MBA `92
Random House Mondadori
Aurora Catà MBA `89/PADE `02
Seeliger y Conde
Javier Pujol Artigas AMP-04
FICOSA International, S.A.
Antoni Esteve MBA `87/GCP `13
Laboratorios Esteve
Joaquín Faura MBA `78
Alan Pace MBA '94
Helena Herrero PADE `02
Hewlett Packard
Franz Heukamp AMP Munich `06
IESE Business School
Luis Maroto MBA `89
Marta Martinez PADE `05
Tobías Martínez PADE `07
Jordi Mercader MBA `03
Miquel y Costas & Miquel
Amparo Moraleda PDG `95
Consejera Delegada
Mireia Rius MBA `94
IESE Business School
María del Pino Velázquez MBA `91
Unísono Business Solutions
Kristoff Puelinckx MBA `96
Delta Partners
María Díaz-Morera MBA '06
Grupo EDM
Julio Rodríguez Izquierdo PDG ?97
Cementos Molins, Schneider
José Luis de Rojas MBA `88
Zertem Communication Group
Heriberto Urzúa MBA 89
Holding Patagonia Investment
Rafael Villaseca MBA `76
Gas Natural Fenosa


Noelia CamposIESE Business School