IESE Alumni Mentoring Program

Make your Mark Through Mentoring

Welcome to IESE´s Alumni mentoring platform. This is another way for IESE to further its mission and help enrich the learning journeys of its alumni.

Mentoring is a learning partnership between two professionals with different levels or types of experience in which both benefit from new learning, insights and personal growth.  The mentoring conversations can be mainly focused on career advancement but not exclusively.


Who is a mentee?

A mentee is an alum that has the ambition to learn and grow in their career by seeking guidance and insights from another experienced alum.  The mentee initiates the mentoring process and can choose mentors based on their fields of interest: industry sector, job function, doing business in a specific country, starting up a new company or a particular career stage.  The platform limits the number of mentors a mentee can contact to 3 at a time.

Before signing up please watch this 4 minute video with Tips for mentees


Who is a mentor?

There are as many different potential mentors as there are people because everyone holds a unique combination of talents, skills, knowledge and experience.   Mentors have the passion to share their experience altruistically with other alumni and in the process build their own leadership skills and profile.  Mentors act as storytellers, role models, advisors or supporters.  We must also clarify that a mentor is neither a professional coach, a business consultant offering services, a provider of personal contacts nor a recruiter offering jobs.

We designed the program so that you as a mentor will have the option to limit your availability and define the maximum number of mentees you can work with at any one time.  This will help you control your own schedule.  We recommend that you have one meeting per month per mentee in a 2 to 6 months mentoring relationship.  We also recommend that the mentee is the one to initiate the relationship through a request in the platform.  When you receive a mentorship request from the platform ¨Mentorcloud¨ please respond  by accepting or declining - it is important that requests are answered to ensure the success of this initiative and a good user experience. 

Before signing up please watch this 4-minute video with Tips for mentors


Mentoring sign up and process


In order to have a successful mentoring relationship, it is crucial to clarify the nature and dynamics of the relationship. For this reason, we to suggest you fill-out the Mentoring Relationship guidelines in your first meeting.

At the end of the mentoring process, we also recommend to evaluate the key learning points and provide each other feedback for future relationships.  The Closing mentoring process Questionnaire could help in this discussion.

To sign up to the program, register on the link below.  

You can access the IESE Mentoring Program via your desktop/laptop or via Mobile APP. The profile creation must be done in the web version, but you can use the APP and web for the communication with your mentor/mentee via chat and video. Download the free Mentorcloud APP

NOTE: Some users experience problems accesing the platform from their offices due to company web security blockages. If this is your case, please try from a home computer or tablet. 







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