Sharing Economy: New Rules for New Times

Sharing Economy: New Rules for New Times
In many cities around the world, policymakers are struggling to deal with the disruptive challenges posed by the sharing economy. The current rules were devised for an entirely different reality, and crackdowns could lead to a stifling of innovation. The author draws upon her work on innovation law and experimental rulemaking, in both the European and U.S. contexts, to suggest various ways that sharing-economy businesses, regulators, consumers and traditional businesses can engage in constructive conversations to navigate the myriad regulatory issues arising in this hazy area. Ultimately, it's about weighing the risks and opportunities, and protecting the public interest, while at the same time promoting new business practices.

Tools and Frameworks:
> "Sharing Economy: Pros and Cons" summarizes the benefits and the new sets of problems that many cities, governments and businesses are discovering.
> "Being Part of the Solution" suggests how businesses might help address some of the shortcomings of outdated regulatory systems.

Examples Cited:

Barcelona fining internet platforms and property owners caught offering unlicensed tourist accommodation; Phoenix, San Antonio and New York City's different responses to home-sharing platforms; Amsterdam signing a memorandum of understanding with Airbnb; Barcelona's 22@; Kendall Square (Massachusetts); Wedding District (Berlin); MuniRent; Zipcar; Denver bike-sharing scheme; court litigation in Stockholm, Berlin and Brussels; Uber strikes; Portland experiment with Uber and Lyft; Shared Cities Network; Shareable City Resolution; Manchester and Leeds' pilot programs; Google's regulatory problems in Europe; Amazon; Apple

Research Basis:
Draws on the author's work on innovation law and experimental rulemaking pertaining to the sharing economy, in both the European and U.S. contexts.

About the Author:
Sofia Ranchordás is an assistant professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School in the Netherlands.

Authors Ranchordás, Sofia

Publisher IESE

Language: English

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