Bridgewater: Managing People Through Artificial Intelligence

Alumni and Friends Breakfast

Bridgewater: Managing People Through Artificial Intelligence

17/Jan/2020 from 07:30 a 09:30

Miami, FL, Banco Santander International

In the new world of artificial intelligence, we can expect a number of interesting opportunities and challenges for managing people in organizations. To do it right, organizations need to collect new data and make projections about people based on them.

Some organizations, like Bridgewater Associates, have already developed sophisticated ecosystems of data collection, transparent feedback, and learning algorithms that seem to have produced an extraordinary performance. What lessons can be drawn from Bridgewater?s experience? What should companies do to take advantage of the potential of AI and transparent feedback while fostering human purpose-driven cultures?


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    Academic Director PLD-New York/Miami Program

    John Almandoz is an Associate Professor in the department of Managing People in Organizations. His background includes experience in actuarial consulting, corporate banking, and the management of non-profit organizations. He earned a joint Ph.D. in organizational behavior and a master degree in sociology from Harvard Business School/Harvard University and an MBA at the Cox School of Business.

    He has published in prestigious journals like the Academy of Management Journal and Administrative Science Quarterly and participates in research in entrepreneurship, institutions, and top management teams and boards of directors. His dissertation focused on the strategic and entrepreneurial implications of community and financial missions in the founding teams of local banks.

    He is a reviewer for the Academy of Management Conference and ad-hoc reviewer for the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Studies and other journals. He has presented papers at various international conferences and seminars, including at Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and the Academy of Management. He is a member of the Academy of Management, American Sociology Association, and the European Group of Organizational Studies.

    He teaches courses in MBA, Executive, and Global Executive MBA programs on leadership, organizational behavior, and self-management.

    Prof. Almandoz is based at the IESE New York Campus.