Compliance as Value-Generator for Companies: Opportunities and Threat (On Campus)

Ethics & RSC Series

Compliance as Value-Generator for Companies: Opportunities and Threat (On Campus)

30/Nov/2021 from 19:00 a 20:15

Barcelona, IESE North Campus - Room Q-301 (Arnús i Garí, 5)

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This session will analyze recent trends in the compliance practice in Spain and Europe. We will also discuss how compliance can generate value for companies operating in national and international contexts. During this interactive sessions we will also analyze typical compliance-driven traps, but also opportunities to strategically leverage compliance to reduce company's exposure to legal and organizational risks. The critical role played by value-driven management and ethical training will be finally discussed.

The session will held in Spanish.

Iñigo de Ros, Associate Lawyer,  Cuatrecasas Law Firm (Barcelona)
Prof. Antonino Vaccaro, Professor of Business Ethics and Negotiation Teaching Unit, IESE Business School

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  • Antonino-Vaccaro-PA.jpg

    Professor of Business Ethics and Negotiation Teaching Unit

    CBS - Center for Business in Society

    Antonino Vaccaro is a Professor of the Department of Business Ethics and of IESE's Negotiation Unit. He is also the Academic Director of the Center for Business in Society and of the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship platform. In addition, he serves as the Academic Director in various IESE's custom programs for multinational companies and educational institutions.

    Antonino received a MSc. in Engineering (Politecnico of Milan), a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management (IST, Lisbon) and two Post Doctoral Research Fellowships respectively in Ethics and Technology Policy (Carnegie Mellon University) and in Information Ethics (University of Oxford).

    His researches have been published in leading peer reviewed scientific journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Research Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Management Studies, Ethics and Information Technology, Journal of Business Ethics, The Information Society, etc.

    Professor Vaccaro has conducted consultancy and applied research projects for European governmental institutions, the United Nation (Global Compact) and for multinational companies such as Southern Company (US), Volkswagen Autoeuropa (Portugal, Germany), CNIM (France), Artsana Group (Italy), Alcoa (US), Alcoa Defense (US), REWE (Germany), Zaiput Technologies (US), Tecnoreef (Italy), etc.

    He is also a board member of European and North American start-ups and he provides advice in the context of international dispute resolution.