The Power Of New Models

Competing on Business Models Cycle

The Power Of New Models

17/Jan/2018 from 19:00 a 20:30

Barcelona, IESE Auditorium South Campus (Av. Pearson 21)

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What are the reasons behind the recent excitement around business models? Is it a hype, or a fundamental new development to be taken serious by managers? What is a business model, and why is it strategically important? What is business model innovation and what is it not? In this session we will address these issues, and review the fundamentals of business model design from an entrepreneurship perspective. We will understand how developing new, powerful business models requires a shift in mindset to think more broadly and holistically about innovation, and to adopt a system-level perspective.

Prof. Christoph Zott, Entrepreneurship, IESE


Competing on Business Models Cycle
Driven mostly by ICT Society, individuals, companies, all is rapidly changing. The increasing digital density is affecting an industry after another and the digital transformation is the name of day! Whatever one focuses in a particular industry or one discusses about technological changes as IoT, social networks, industry 4.0, or you say what, the end result is always opportunities (and risk) of changes in business models. Sometimes we may refer to this as the emergence of disruptive business models. Disruption is all present.

In this difficult context it is time to provide positive insides about how companies can respond or at least how it is the nature of change they may be facing. In particular, focusing on business model is fundamental to respond to all these technological changes. Companies, whatever new entrants or incumbents need to react by business model innovation and renewal. It is the follow-up competition of business models what will define winning business models and therefore real industry change.

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    Director, PhD Program

    Christoph ('Chris') Zott is professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship. His current research centers on resource management in entrepreneurial firms, including areas such as the design of business models that combine the resources of entrepreneurial firms with those of suppliers, customers, and partners; the acquisition and mobilization of resources through entrepreneurs' symbolic management and affective influence actions; and the deployment of resources through dynamic capabilities. <BR> <BR>Prof. Zott has published on these topics in the <i>Administrative Science Quarterly</i>, the <i>Journal of Business Venturing</i>, <i>Organization Science</i>, and the <i>Strategic Management Journal,</i> as well as in other research outlets and books. He is a member of the editorial boards of the <i>Strategic Management Journal,</i> and the <i>Journal of Business Venturing</i>, as well as an associate editor for <i>the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal</i>. He also serves in the leadership Team of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management.<BR> <BR>Prof. Zott teaches courses on entrepreneurship and private equity at MBA, EMBA and Executive Education levels. He also consults for growth ventures, as well as larger firms interested in entrepreneurial leadership. He holds graduate degrees with distinction in industrial engineering from Universität Karlsruhe (Germany) and Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (France).He received his Ph.D. in commerce and business administration from the University of British Columbia (Canada).