Growing business on African soil

Converging perspectives

Growing business on African soil
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10/Jul/2019 from 18:00 a 22:00

Barcelona, IESE Aula Magna auditorium, North Campus

On this occasion, we will bring together IESE alumni and more than 70 participants from the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of the MDE Business School (Ivory Coast). This year’s topic, “Growing business on African soil: converging perspectives” will look at the future of Ivory Coast, the main economic opportunities in the region, and the potential of the country as the main business platform in West Africa.

Be sure to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and get updated on the latest trends in the region.

Please note that the event will be in French without live translation.


À cette occasion, nous réunirons des anciens élèves de l´IESE ainsi que plus de 70 participants du programme de gestion avancée (AMP) de la MDE Business School (Côte d´Ivoire).

Le thème de cette année, “Développer ses activités sur le sol africain: perspectives convergentes“, portera sur l’avenir de la Côte d'Ivoire, les principales opportunités économiques dans la région ainsi que sur le potentiel de la Côte d´Ivoire comme plate-forme commerciale principale en Afrique de l´Ouest. Cet évènement se déroulera entièrement en Français et il n´y aura pas de service de traduction directe.

Ne manquez pas cette excellente occasion d’échanger des idées et de vous tenir au courant des derniers développements économiques dans la région.


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    Director of Production, Technology and Operations Management

    Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management

    Alejandro Lago is Professor in the Production, Technology and Operations Management Department, and Co-Director of The Africa Initiative at IESE Business School. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was distinguished as a Gordon F. Newell Fellow. He also holds a degree in civil engineering from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya and has completed a Program for Management Development at IESE Business School.

    Dr. Lago's interests focus on the management of complex operations systems, both for manufacturing and services environment. Early in his career, his research focused on the optimization of large transport and distribution systems, and the design and operations of logistics partnerships. Currently his research interest has gradually shifted to the design of service systems, with a focus on studying the involvement of both suppliers and customers in the operations through the use of new technologies.

    Since 2007, Dr. Lago has been a visiting professor at Strathmore Business School (Nairobi, Kenya) and has been involved in several consulting projects in East Africa. He is the Co-Director of the IESE Africa Initiative and the Academic Director of the IESE MBA Module in Kenya on "Doing Business in Africa". Dr. Lago sits on the advisory board of Strathmore Business School as well as Lagos Business School. Before joining IESE, he worked as a researcher for the French Commissariat for Atomic Energy (CEA) and Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS). He has also extensive experience as a senior consultant in the area of operations and service management, having worked for large industrial and retail firms, airlines and airport authorities, and lately for banks and insurance companies, among others.