Learning from FC Barcelona

How to Build a Winning Culture

Learning from FC Barcelona
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02/Sep/2019 from 19:00 a 21:00

Tokyo, Academyhills, Sky Studio

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Many companies operate across the globe and face cultural differences when they cross borders. The booming M&A activities also bring confrontation of organizational cultures.

Diversity is said to be one of the most important sources of innovation, yet diversity is literally a group of different personal cultures.

In order for a company to be successful, we have been talking much about some charismatic or visionary leaders. We have also witnessed companies whose leader once left became underperformers.

On the other, there are some companies who have created their own winning culture and sustained it over time with and without strong leader. One of the examples is FC Barcelona.

In this forum, we will shed light on how culture can be a strong contributor to performing - or underperforming - organization. We will refer to the case of FC Barcelona as well as some companies, both global and Japanese. Toward the end of the forum, we will invite the audience to make some action plan for tomorrow morning.


18:30 Arrival and Check-in

19:00 Welcome Address and Introduction of IESE Business School - Junichi Kagaya

19:10 Agenda Setting - Ryuji Nakatake

19:20 Sharing Insight on FC Barcelona and Global Companies - Marc Sosna

19:50 How Culture Is Lived in Japan: Sports and Business - Ryuji Nakatake

20:10 Panel Discussion: Creating a Culture and Sustaining it

20:40 Q&A

21:00 Adjourn


  • Ryuji Nakatake_PA.jpg

    Ryuji Nakatake

    Ryuji Nakatake was born in 1973 in the Fukuoka prefecture. He graduated from Waseda University, Japan and completed his master degree at the University of Leicester in the UK. After serving at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., he was appointed Director of the rugby club at Waseda University. In 2010, he became the coaching director, leading leaders as "the coach of coaches" for the Japan Rugby Football Union. From 2012 to 2015, he served as the Head Coach of U20, Japan's national team and also served as the substitute head coach for Japanese national team in 2016.

    In 2014, he started Teambox Inc. to provide training services for leaders in business. Four years later, in 2018, he started the Sports Coaching Association, to create and encourage learning opportunities for coaches and serves as managing director.

  • Marc Sosna_PA.jpg

    Marc Sosna

    Marc is a Director of the Learning Innovation Unit at IESE. He is also a PhD candidate at the Department of Strategic Leadership & Global Management at the Technical University Berlin (Germany). Marc has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and strategy ? specifically growth strategies, internationalization, and business model innovation.  He is the co-author of the book ?Entrepreneurial Icebreakers? (2015). This book focuses specifically on how Eastern European companies that have been started in difficult transition economy contexts were able to conquer international markets and eventually compete at world-class level.

    For more than a decade, Marc has also been an expert member of the CEO-Collaborative Forum (CEO-CF), an international forum for high-growth CEOs with international growth strategies, many of them venture capital-backed. He was also involved with the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/The World Bank as a consultant in entrepreneurship development projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Specifically, he and his team focused on setting up entrepreneurship development centers that would support the founding and scaling of African growth companies. Marc has studied in Germany and the US, and has experience working for a listed technology company in Madras, India.

  • Junichi-Kagaya-PA.jpg

    Junichi Kagaya, Moderator

     Junichi Kagaya is Head of Executive Education for Asia at IESE Business School.