Moving to Action (Online)

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Moving to Action (Online)

07/Oct/2021 from 16:00 a 17:00

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Conor Neill, Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations at IESE. President of Vistage Spain


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    Lecturer, Managing People in Organizations

    Conor Neill is the President of Vistage in Spain. Vistage is the world?s leading CEO organization. The Vistage mission is to improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs and key executives. He has founded six companies, raising capital, hiring teams and generating more than 10 million euros in sales. For six years, he revolutionized private jet transport with his company Taxijet. He has invested in two startups. He was European Area Director of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). He is the father of two daughters, Alexandra & Sofia.

    He directs the Leadership Communication courses in the MBA, Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programs of IESE, as well as programs for senior executives. He has worked with companies such as Accenture, Applus, Avanade, Barcelona Activa, IBM, ISDIN, the Labour Party (United Kingdom), Microsoft, Novartis, and Puig delivering seminars on leadership communication.

    Professor Neill has a degree in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, and holds his MBA from IESE. His hobbies include playing football, long distance running, tennis, mountain biking and traveling to historic places.  He maintains an active blog at