Planning Ahead

Your career as a lifelong learning process

Planning Ahead
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02/Oct/2019 from 18:00 a 21:30

Toronto, ON, RBC WaterPark Place

Like your retirement plan, planning your career is something you want to start to do before you actually need it. Many people dream about a more fulfilling job and feeling more passion for what they do, but whether they are senior level or just starting their career, making this transition can be a challenge.
In this session, IESE career advisor Majo Monti will lead a session with expert panelists from Canada to discuss career planning as a lifelong learning process. Together they will look at key market trends in the Canadian workplace and provide concrete advice and ideas to manage your career, position your professional branding and find the right opportunities for your stage in life.



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    Majo Monti

    Maria Jose (Majo) Monti is a Leadership & Career Coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with more than 22 years in leadership roles in 4 different geographic regions and in over 30 markets. She is experienced in Business Development & key client management, Emerging Markets Consulting and Executive Coaching for Senior executives & Emerging Leaders.

    Majo has a vast international network of contacts in Latin America, the US & Spain, a bottom-line orientation and the ability to consistently implement performance management disciplines. Majo’s goals are to support leaders & teams who want to build their businesses, develop their leadership skills and boost their careers, grow the profitability of their business and achieve specific objectives.