Real Estate and Sustainability: Reinventing the Built Environment (On Campus)

Real Estate and Sustainability: Reinventing the Built Environment (On Campus)

16/Dec/2021 from 17:00 a 18:00

Madrid, IESE Auditorio Executive

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How can real estate contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world while creating long term value for investors and households? What are the sustainability challenges facing the real estate sector? What are the insights to implement resilient measures to address these challenges? Through the insight of 5 well-known leaders, we will discuss an action plan to deliver a sustainable outcome in the built environment context.

Lucas Carné, Co-founder, 011h
María Garayo, Partner, Head of Impact, Argo Capital Partners; Co-founder, Sofiver
F. Alister Moreno, Co-founder, Clikalia
Miguel Nigorra, Partner, Fifth Wall
Fernando Ramírez, Investment Relations Director, Merlin Properties
Prof. Carles Vergara, Professor and Head of the Financial Management Department, IESE Business School


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  • Carles-Vergara-PA.jpg

    Head of Financial Management Department

    Professor of Financial Management

    Carles Vergara-Alert is a Professor and Head of the Financial Management Department at IESE Business School. He earned his PhD in Business Administration (Finance and Real Estate) from the University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of Business. He holds an M.S. in Finance (Business Administration) and a Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) both from the University of California, Berkeley. He has also earned a B.A. and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya as well as a PDD from IESE Business School.

    He has worked at Allianz Hedge Fund Partners, Allianz Group, the Center for Transport Innovation, and the European Investment Bank. He has consulting experience in the finance, real estate, engineering, pharmaceutical, retail, and public sectors.

    His research interests include real estate finance and asset pricing.


  • Lucas-Carné.jpg

    Lucas Carné

    Lucas Carné cofounded Privala, one of the first and most successful e-commerce sold to Vente Privee for ?444M. He has recently founded 011h, a new type of construction company based on the latest advances in design, technology, industrialisation, sustainability and health to deliver buildings faster, cheaper, more reliably and in a way that is both people- and environment-friendly.
  • María-Garayo.jpg

    María Garayo

    María Garayo: Partner and head of impact at Argo Capital Partners. Maria has an extensive professional experience in providing strategic and legal advice on international projects in the transport, mobility and environmental sectors in Europe and Latam. Her main focus of interest include: assessing, integrating, and measuring sustainability in companies, rethinking and aligning business models oriented towards a green economy, and promoting and facilitating access to responsible investment and financing.
  • Fernando-Moreno.jpg

    F. Alister Moreno

    F. Alister Moreno: Co-founder and current CEO of Clikalia, a proptech platform that buys and sells apartments, offering a fast, simple and transparent proposal. Francisco studied Business Administration and Management at the University College of Financial Studies (CUNEF). Before founding Clicpiso, Francisco worked at Banco Santander in the United States.
  • Miguel-Nigorra.jpg

    Miguel Nigorra

    Miguel Nigorra is a Partner at Fifth Wall, where he leads investments in European companies and technologies, and drives innovation and strategic initiatives with corporate partners in Europe.
    Prior to joining Fifth Wall, Miguel worked at McKinsey in the Madrid and London offices. As part of the Digital practice, he led teams across Europe in numerous technology and innovation engagements. He also was a Business Development & Strategy Manager at Fon Wireless, the largest WiFi network in the world. Miguel started his career at The Coca Cola Company and Diageo.
  • Fernando-Ramírez.jpg

    Fernando Ramírez

    Fernando Ramirez: Investor Relations Director at Merlin Properties and LOOM Director, the brand of flexible spaces and coworking powered by MERLIN Properties. Before joining Merlin, Fernando managed real estate investments for large financial institutions such as Ahorro Corporacion and Deutsche Bank. Together with real estate Fernando is passionate for the theater.