Vender en 2021: Presentación IX Estudio sobre la gestión de redes comerciales

Ciclo Marketing Digital: La transformación digital y el nuevo cliente

Vender en 2021: Presentación IX Estudio sobre la gestión de redes comerciales

12/Apr/2021 from 19:00 a 20:00

Online, Zoom Webinar

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En esta sesión, se presentarán las conclusiones más destacadas del "Estudio sobre la gestión de redes comerciales en España" que, ya a su novena edición, refleja sobre la situación comercial de las empresas españolas después de los largos meses de confinamiento y los cambios en la dirección comercial de los equipos de ventas.


Prof. Cosimo Chiesa, Dirección Comercial, IESE
Thomas Marín, Socio de Barna Consulting Group
Xavier Servole, Socio de Barna Consulting Group
Prof. Julián Villanueva, Dirección Comercial, IESE


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    Professor de Dirección Comercial

    Cosimo Chiesa has been a Marketing professor at IESE since 1978. He has a PhD in Economics and Marketing from Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan and a PhD in Marketing from Università degli Studi di Pavia.<BR> <BR>Prof. Chiesa has extensive professional experience in management and consulting. His career began at the Arthur Andersen office in Milan, which was responsible at that time for all of Southern Europe. He then joined Star Food Italy, where he was appointed assistant to the president and was responsible for the company's subsidiaries. In 1970, he moved to Spain to fill the position of assistant general manager and board member of Starlux SA. In 1978, he joined Martini & Rossi Group SA as assistant general manager and board member for Spain and Portugal. During the same period, he was the vice president of Marqués de Monistrol SA and Martini & Rossi Morocco.<BR> <BR>In 1985, he founded Barna Consulting Group, a strategic consulting firm specializing in market distribution, sales management, customer loyalty and executive coaching. He is still the president of the firm today. <BR> <BR>Prof. Chiesa has done consulting work and organized training programs for several companies, including Volkswagen-Audi Spain, Telefónica, General Óptica, Gas Natural, Banc de Sabadell, United Biscuits, La Caixa, Adeslas, Repsol, Crèdit Andorrà, Schindler, Novartis, Cadbury, Inmobiliaria Colonial, Epson and Verizon Dominicana.<BR> <BR>He is a member of Top Ten Management Spain.<BR> <BR>Prof. Chiesa has published six books: <BR>- <i>Protagonista o espectador. Liderándome para liderar</i>, with Carlotta Chiesa Ghio (2011), Lid Editorial.<BR>- <i>Los pecados capitales de la venta. 40 errores a evitar en su estrategia comercial </i>(2010), Ediciones Urano, Empresa Activa.<BR>- <i>CRM. Las cinco pirámides del marketing relacional. Cómo conseguir que los clientes lleguen para quedarse</i> (2009), Ediciones Deusto, (Edición Actualizada).<BR>- <i>Dirigir vendedores es mucho más. Las claves del liderazgo comercial </i>(2008), Ed. Urano, Empresa Activa.<BR>- <i>Vender es mucho más. Secretos de la fidelización en la venta</i> (2007), Ed. Urano, Empresa Activa.<BR>- <i>Fidelizando para fidelizar. Cómo dirigir, organizar y motivar a nuestro equipo comercial </i>(2002), Ed. Eunsa.<BR>
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    Professor of Marketing

    Prof. Julian Villanueva is the Head of the Marketing Department at IESE Business School. He holds a Ph.D. in Management (Marketing) from UCLA, an MBA at IESE, and a B.A. in Economics (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

    His interests fall in the area of digital marketing, customer equity (or customer lifetime value), branding and salesforce management, among others. His research has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing and Quantitative Marketing and Economics, among others. Prof. Villanueva is also the author of several books, managerial articles and more than 50 case studies and technical notes. Two of his cases are in the Harvard Business School Premier Case Collection.

    He regularly teaches MBAs and executives at IESE, and has also taught at CEIBS (China), Nile University (Egypt), INALDE (Colombia), IPADE (Mexico), IAE (Argentina), IDE (Ecuador), PAD (Perú), IEE (Costa Rica) and IEEM (Uruguay).

    He joined IESE in 1997 as an Instructor in the Marketing Department. Before doing his MBA he worked for Promodès (currently Carrefour) as a product manager in the private labels' department. He has consulted for several companies such as Telefónica, Grupo Santander, Bankinter, Caprabo, Eroski, Antonio Puig, Mastercard, Nestle, Nabisco, Bosch/Siemens. He regularly serves as an expert witness in several litigation cases. He has also served as a board member of several firms, both for-profit and non-profit.