Know Where to Go: Navigate Yourself Towards Success

06 de abril de 2022


All navigation follows three simple steps:
1. Know your current location,
2. Know where you want to be,
3. Make a plan how to get to where you want to be from where you are today.

Any effort to reach a goal carries a high risk of inefficiency if either one of the three steps is unclear. Depending on the type of situation we want to change we apply different metrics to describe the 3 steps. In this session Philip will share stories of success and failure from his coaching clients and how they improved by following this simple, yet intense approach. Also you will be guided through a laser coaching exercise to experience the power of this 3-step-approach first hand.

Prof. Philip Scherenberg, Coach 
Philip is an executive coach and an entrepreneurial business angel with 20 years of experience in working with c-level and their teams in investor-backed companies, family businesses and international service firms. He has a keen interest in various business-related topics such as culture, strategy, growth, performance and PMI. As an early stage investor he is engaged in various startups in the broader field of human potential tech.



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