Reimagining the future of work and corporate real estate. The Verizon case

Special Session

Reimagining the future of work and corporate real estate. The Verizon case

24 de octubre de 2018

Barcelona, - IESE Auditorium South Campus (Av. Pearson 21)

Workplace changes are accelerating. Firms are changing where and how people work.  But, how are successful companies adapting workplaces to increase productivity and attract talent?

In this session, we will debate the case of the American multinational telecommunications conglomerate Verizon Communications with its top real estate managers. We will learn how a firm with 180,000 employees can reimagine its real estate strategy to transform itself from a telecommunications company into a leader tech and media company. We will discuss the new era ahead for corporate real estate strategy and how real estate optimization reshapes the modern workplace.

Josh Lehr, Director, CBRE?s Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) Group
Dirk Schlotter, Director of Real Estate Operations, Verizon
Jim Tousignant, Director of Real Estate Development and Transactions, Verizon

Prof. Carles Vergara, Finance, IESE


  • Carles Vergara-Alert es Profesor y director del departamento de Dirección Financiera del IESE. Obtuvo su Ph.D. in Business Administration, Finance and Real Estate, en la University of California, Haas School of Business. Cuenta con un M.S. in Finance (Business Administration) y un Master of Financial Engineering (MFE), ambos por la University of California, Berkeley. Además, es licenciado y máster en Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos por la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, y PDD del IESE.

    Ha trabajado en Allianz Hedge Fund Partner, Allianz Group, el Centro de Innovación del Transporte y el Banco Europeo de Inversiones. Tiene experiencia como consultor en los sectores de las finanzas, bienes inmuebles, ingeniería, farmacéutico, minorista y en el sector público.

    Sus áreas de interés incluyen las finanzas inmobiliarias y la valoración de activos financieros.


    Director del departamento de Dirección Financiera

    Professor de Dirección Financiera

  • Josh Lehr is a Director in CBRE?s Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) Group, leading the strategic consulting team for the Verizon account.  Josh and his team provide support to Verizon through strategic planning, portfolio optimization, business case creation, data analysis and market due diligence.  His leadership has led to the implementation of initiatives such as flexible office program, advanced analytics and data infrastructure, and automated parking fleet management. 

    Prior to working with Verizon, Josh served the GWS Iron Mountain account where he focused on the due diligence and analysis of a 20 million-square-foot portfolio associated with a $2-billion acquisition.  Before joining CBRE, Josh was the Director of Research and Analytics at HFO Investment Real Estate, an associate at VLMK Engineering Consultants, and served in the United States Marine Corps Intelligence community.

    Josh has co-authored an academic case on corporate innovation within real estate, discovered a link between Sovereign Wealth Fund investment and market pricing, and guest lectures at MIT.  In Josh?s spare time he enjoys watching his children become people, flying, and athletic training.  He has completed four Ironman events including a full distance Ironman in Mont Tremblant Canada.

    Josh Lehr, Director, CBRE´s Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) Group

  • Dirk Schlotter is Director - Real Estate Operations for Verizon Communications and is responsible for the global workplace strategy and all international properties of Verizon outside the United States, covering more than 50 countries and 1,000 assets across the globe.

    His area of responsibility includes all property related operations including asset, energy and transaction management, strategic planning as well as design and construction, general building services and tenant management.

    Dirk Schlotter, Director of Real Estate Operations, Verizon

  • Jim Tousignant is the Director of Real Estate Development and Transactions and is a long-time veteran with Verizon. Climbing the ranks to his current leadership role, Jim is known for thoughtful leadership, innovative mind, and strategically aligned approach to real estate. Jim overseas over 700 transactions representing over $1 billion annually and is credited with driving some of Verizon?s most noteworthy and innovative real estate projects such as.

    Career experience includes serving as an area department head at both the State and regional level, charged with property management, design and construction, strategic planning, furniture and real estate transactions. Have provided strategic planning and organizational consulting both domestically and internationally. Viewed as an expert in outsourcing strategies, portfolio optimization, real estate development and contract negotiations.

    Jim is a dedicated family man with adult children in high-school and college with a focus on resort hospitality. Jim has completed more than five full distance Ironman events including the iconic Lake Placid race.

    Jim Tousignant, Director of Real Estate Development and Transactions, Verizon

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