The DNA of Industrial Champions
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18/ene/2018 de 18:30 a 21:30

London, 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, London EC2A 2BA

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Every healthy economy needs a strong, competitive, and relevant industrial base. Our world talks of the digital, collaborative, mobile, and asset-light, but it has never depended so much on excellent companies to manufacture and deliver products in specs, on budget, and on time. Why is it, then, that many excellent industrial companies are not in the spotlight as often as Google, Facebook, or Twitter? On one hand, certain B2B industrial sectors unfortunately lack glamour with the general public. On the other hand, industrial managers are oftentimes reluctant to show a high profile in the media. The world is fortunately full of hidden industrial champions who innovate, export, make money, reinvest profits, and then start all over again.
During this session, IESE Professor Calvo will review the common traits and decode the “DNA” of these industrial champions using a number of practical, down-to-earth examples that will provide inspiration for the challenges faced by many companies. These examples will be drawn from the Industrial Excellence Award, a European-wide initiative in which Prof. Calvo is an academic director.
Please join us for a fascinating discussion followed by a cocktail reception at the newly inaugurated Amazon headquarters, located in the heart of London's most important business and tech districts.



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