The Impact of Emotions in the Service Industry

From a Transactional Approach to Relationship and Emotional Mindset

The Impact of Emotions in the Service Industry

11/ene/2018 de 18:30 a 21:00

Dubai, World Trade Club at Sheikh Rashid Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd

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The talk will highlight the following key points:

1- Products don’t make the difference anymore
2- Businesses that want to survive and thrive need to switch from a transactional mode to a relationship mindset
3- There is a proven sequence to follow in order to embark in this journey:

 a- 'What'
a1: define the emotional intentions of your company/brand - i.e. answer the questions: “What do you want people to feel when they are interacting with your company / your brand?”
a2: map the emotional intentions in your Customer Journey

b- ‘How’: Work on implementation enhancers:
     - Have the right KPIs and Commission Scheme;
     - Have the right Roles and Responsibilities for managers;
     - Have the right methodology to recruit new comers.

c. Measure and follow up:
- The impact of emotions on the sales and the positive word of mouth
- The need to follow up over a full cycle.


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    Joe Sejean

    Joe is the Founder and Managing Director of Activate Experience, a Customer Experience Consultancy for Luxuryand Premium brands. He has over a decade of experience in Luxury Retail at Chalhoub Group, a leading retailer with 650 luxury boutiques and department stores. He accompanies brands to design new customer experiences based on emotional connection and implement them in customer facing situation, both online and offline. Joe is an IESE alumni (PMD 2010) and holds a Master in international business law.

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