The Power Of New Models

Competing on Business Models Cycle

The Power Of New Models

17/ene/2018 de 19:00 a 20:30

Barcelona, IESE Auditorium South Campus (Av. Pearson 21)

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What are the reasons behind the recent excitement around business models? Is it a hype, or a fundamental new development to be taken serious by managers? What is a business model, and why is it strategically important? What is business model innovation and what is it not? In this session we will address these issues, and review the fundamentals of business model design from an entrepreneurship perspective. We will understand how developing new, powerful business models requires a shift in mindset to think more broadly and holistically about innovation, and to adopt a system-level perspective.

Prof. Christoph Zott, Entrepreneurship, IESE


Competing on Business Models Cycle
Driven mostly by ICT Society, individuals, companies, all is rapidly changing. The increasing digital density is affecting an industry after another and the digital transformation is the name of day! Whatever one focuses in a particular industry or one discusses about technological changes as IoT, social networks, industry 4.0, or you say what, the end result is always opportunities (and risk) of changes in business models. Sometimes we may refer to this as the emergence of disruptive business models. Disruption is all present.

In this difficult context it is time to provide positive insides about how companies can respond or at least how it is the nature of change they may be facing. In particular, focusing on business model is fundamental to respond to all these technological changes. Companies, whatever new entrants or incumbents need to react by business model innovation and renewal. It is the follow-up competition of business models what will define winning business models and therefore real industry change.

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    Professor de Iniciativa Emprendedora

    Christoph Zott es Profesor Ordinario del Departamento de Iniciativa Emprendedora. Actualmente, su investigación se centra en la gestión de recursos en empresas emprendedoras, en áreas como el diseño de modelos de negocio en los que se combinan los recursos de las empresas con los de los proveedores, clientes y socios; la adquisición y movilización de recursos a través de la gestión simbólica y las acciones de influencia afectiva de los emprendedores; y el despliegue de recursos según las capacidades dinámicas.

    Ha publicado varios escritos sobre estas cuestiones en Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Business Venturing, Organization Science y Strategic Management Journal, así como en otros libros y publicaciones de investigación. Es miembro del consejo editorial del Strategic Management Journal y Journal of Business Venturing, además de editor asociado del Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. También es miembro del equipo de dirección de la División de Estrategia y Política Empresarial de la Academy of Management.

    Zott imparte asignaturas sobre iniciativa emprendedora y capital privado en el MBA, el EMBA y los programas de formación para directivos. Asimismo, es asesor de empresas en crecimiento y grandes empresas interesadas en liderazgo en iniciativa emprendedora.

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