Innovation and Inequality

Industry´s role in narrowing the gap

Innovation and Inequality

13/nov/2019 de 07:00 a 09:00

Nairobi, Strathmore University Business School

IESE and SBS JointAlumni Event

Innovation is a critical factor in economic growth. It brings togetherthe best minds, high-level skills set, and new technology in order to createbetter products and services accessible to all. Innovation is key in thegrowing and transitioning African region. However, the quest for innovation isalso inevitably adapting and battling the forces of inequality. In this complexrelationship between inequality and innovation, how are industries andbusinesses addressing the gaps?

In this session, Prof. Agnes Ruoro, regional academic director of theNew Managers Leadership Program & HR Summit Lead at Strathmore UniversityBusiness School (SBS), will be leading a conversation to draw out theexperiences and insights of leaders dealing with the complex relationshipbetween innovation and inequality.  


  • Ruoro, Agnes

    Agnes Ruoro is leadership &strategy faculty, Regional academic director of New Managers Leadership Program& HR Summit Lead at Strathmore University Business School (SBS). She is aleadership catalyst, balanced scorecard certified seasoned strategist, certifiedproductivity coach, facilitator, leadership curriculum design expert andlecturer with diverse experience in executive talent development. Her careerspans close to 10 years of executive leadership and organizational developmentacross East Africa; 5 years in financial services, oil and gas.

  • Kimani, Ngwing

    Vice Chair of the Board of B-Lab East Africa and CEO of Laeteon WealthManagement Services, will share her insights and examples on the  various steps undertaken by companies toinclude social and environmental performance, supported by transparency andaccountability requirements, in the company´s long term strategy and businessgoals.

  • Nyagwencha, John

    CEO of AquaClara Kenya, will share the actionsthe company has undertaken to ensure that access to clean water is sustainable,affordable, and effective in the long term. John will also talk about thecompany´s business model and the approach of AquaClara Kenya to positively transformand impact a community. 

  • Mwakimah, Eddha

    Business Designer at IDEO, will talk about the company´s human-centereddesign, an approach that starts with empathy, in tackling some of the Africa'sbiggest challenges, bringing to life innovative solutions, and addressinginequality. She will give examples from IDEO´s various projects and successesfocusing on the different ways of understanding empathy to design and deliversolutions customized for the end-user.

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