The Current State of Play in Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Mirrorworld in the Making

The Current State of Play in Augmented and Virtual Reality

04/abr/2019 de 19:00 a 20:30

Barcelona, IESE Room B301 South Campus (Av. Pearson, 21)

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Once the realm of science fiction and Hollywood movies, the ability to fully immerse oneself in a virtual 3D world replete with stereo sounds and rich interactions or to augment the real world with contextual graphics and overlays is making its way in today’s user experience in gaming, healthcare, engineering and real estate. Companies like Facebook, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are investing heavily in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies to create the new ultimate human-machine interface. As the development and adoption of these technologies continue to gain momentum, significant changes in products, customer experiences, and eventually business models will undoubtedly follow. In this session, we will explore the current state of play in the VR/AR/MR space. We will look at how these technologies are being used in different contexts and industries and discuss what factors advance and hinder their development. We will try to anticipate the good and the bad of how our world will look like when VR/AR/MR becomes ubiquitous, effectively blurring the line between real and virtual. 

Prof. Evgeny Káganer, Information Systems, IESE
Jesús Martín Recuero, Strategic Alliances Manager, Samsung Electronics Iberia, SAU


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