The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine: Innovating During a Global Pandemic

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The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine: Innovating During a Global Pandemic

06/jul/2020 de 16:00 a 16:50

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As one of the world's foremost life science companies, Johnson & Johnson has been deeply involved in finding solutions to address the global coronavirus pandemic. What has the company learned from the crisis, and what challenges have arisen in the search for a vaccine?

Join IESE's Núria Mas in conversation with Joaquín Duato, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee at Johnson & Johnson, as they discuss leadership and innovation in healthcare and its particular relevance today as the world eagerly watches for news from the front lines.


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  • Joaquin-Duato-435x384.jpg

    Joaquin Duato, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson

    Joaquin Duato is a globally experienced, values-driven health care business leader and current Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson, the world's premier health care company. Joaquin oversees the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer sectors, as well as Supply Chain, IT, Global Services and the Health and Wellness groups. He is a respected industry leader and the immediate past Chairman of PhRMA.

    As a member of the Company for more than 30 years, Joaquin played an instrumental role in leading the turnaround of the Pharmaceuticals sector. He was named Company Group Chairman of the Americas in 2009, then continued to lead the global transformation as Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals in 2011. During that time, the sector grew into the fourth-largest pharmaceutical company globally. With 17 new products launched since 2011 and up to 10 potential billion-dollar medicines expected to be launched or filed before 2021, the sector is poised to continue its above-market growth.

    A dual citizen of Spain and the U.S. with extensive experience on-the-ground on multiple continents, Joaquin brings a unique international perspective and appreciation for the value of diversity to his work. He serves as a UNICEF USA Board Member and Tsinghua University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Advisory Board Member, and internally he is the Executive Sponsor of the African Ancestry Leadership Council. His commitment to diversity was recognized by the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association when he was named a 2017 Honorable Mentor.

    Joaquin has a passion for learning, with an MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master of International Management degree from Thunderbird in Phoenix, Arizona. He champions access to health literacy and education as he mentors MBA candidates at universities worldwide. He also speaks regularly on leadership in pharmaceuticals at industry forums and academic institutions. 

  • Mas, Nuria_2019_PA.jpg

    Professor y Director del departamento de Economía

    Núria Mas es Profesora Ordinaria y directora del departamento de Economía en el IESE. La profesora Mas es también titular de la Cátedra Jaime Grego de Healthcare Management. Cuenta con un Ph.D. in Economics de la Harvard University y es licenciada en Economía por la Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Antes de incorporarse al IESE, Núria Mas trabajó como asociada en Lehman Brothers International. Núria Mas es Consejera del Consejo de Gobierno del Banco de España.

    La profesora Mas imparte clases de Economía y Economía Sanitaria en los programas MBA y Executive MBA, así como en otros programas de formación para directivos. Además, es directora académica del Encuentro del Sector Sanitario del IESE, que se celebra anualmente.

    Núria Mas perteneció hasta septiembre de 2015 al Consejo Asesor para la Sostenibilidad y el Progreso del Sistema Sanitario de la Generalitat de Cataluña.

    En cuanto a la investigación, sus intereses se centran en la economía de la salud, especialmente en la organización de los sistemas sanitarios para llegar a la Triple Meta de mejor salud para la población, mejores cuidados para los pacientes y racionalización del gasto. Ha analizado también los efectos de los distintos sistemas sanitarios sobre la salud de la población y cómo los hospitales y los médicos responden a diferentes mecanismos de incentivos. Asimismo, ha investigado sobre la evaluación de políticas públicas. Sus trabajos han sido publicados en varias revistas internacionales, como el Journal of Health Economics, The Review of Industrial Organization, Food Policy o el International Journal of Healthcare Finance and Economics.

    La profesora Mas también ha trabajado como asesora y consultora en el ámbito de la economía sanitaria para la Comisión Europea, varias instituciones públicas y el sector sanitario.


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