Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mentoring Platform

Please find some additional information on the Alumni Mentoring program.  For any additional questions please contact:

How much time commitment will it take?

The minimum commitment is to a process of three sessions of an hour held over a period of three to six months.

The usual frequency is monthly.  Sometimes the first two sessions may be closer together to help momentum build.  Watch out for a third session ‘dip’ as the mentee sometimes feels that the early boost they experienced in the earlier sessions is not so evident. 

The length of each session can vary but is typically no less than one hour.

Experience shows that virtual sessions by phone, video or audio Skype or similar can be equally as effective as face to face sessions, so physical distance should not be a barrier to partnering with the mentor that is the best match for you.

How do I clarify the nature of our relationship?

The clearer both can be on what it is they will work on and how they will work together, the greater the success your mentoring process will have.   We recommend a short chemistry-check call or meeting to ensure both mentee and mentor feel there is a good basis to work together founded on mutual respect for the mentee’s desire to learn and professionalism and the mentor’s track record of achievement.

We to suggest to fill-in the Mentoring Relationship Guidelines.

How do I meet or speak to my Mentor/Mentee?

The IESE Mentoring Platform allows users to interact in video conferencing, you can download the APP or use the platform in your computer.

How should we monitor the process?

The test of a good mentoring process is that it is useful for the mentee.   It's recommend to do this during each session.  Both the mentee and mentor should not hesitate to highlight if a course correction or adjustment in either way is required.  Keeping a learning log with notes on what was discussed during the meetings and the action plan for the mentee after each session is highly recommended.

Is an end of the process evaluation necessary?

Yes, it’s recommended that the mentee and mentor review their contract and check if the original aims were met, relating to both the what and the how.   You can use the ¨Closing Mentoring Process Questionnaire¨ as a guide.  Learnings for each party can be identified for future processes they may be involved in. There will also be an evaluation survey run by IESE.