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Make your Mark through Mentoring

Welcome to IESE´s Alumni mentoring platform. This is another way for IESE to further its mission and help continue the multitude of learning journeys which all began in one of its classrooms and campuses all around the world during the last fifty years.

Mentoring is a learning partnership between two people with different levels or types of experience in which both achieve new learning, insights and personal growth.  It’s mainly focused on career advancement but not exclusively so.


What is a Mentee?

The mentee is the person who initiates the mentoring process in order to learn and gain knowledge in a specific field which they have identified as necessary to advance their career and/or fulfil a new role effectively.  The field of interest can be a sector, function, doing business in a specific country, starting up a company or experience in a specific career stage.


Before signing up please watch this x-minute video with Tips for mentees


What is a mentor?

There are as many different potential mentors as there are people because everyone is a unique combination of talent, skills, knowledge and experience.   Mentors share their personal experiences with mentees acting as story tellers, role models, advisors or supporters.

Mentors will have the option to limit their availability and the number of mentees in the platform. One meeting per month during 3 to 6 months is the recommended time investment per mentee.

Before signing up please watch this y-minute video with Tips for mentors


Mentoring sign up and process



In order to have a successful mentoring relationship, it is crucial to clarify the nature and dynamics of the relationship, we to suggest to fill-in the Mentoring Relationship guidelines in your first meeting.










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